A flavour of life at Ilsham C of E Academy

Operational Framework

Operational Framework

Membership of the Parent, Teacher and Friends Association is open to all parents, staff and friends of Ilsham Church of England Academy.

The objectives of the association are to advance the education of the pupils of the academy in particular by

  • Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the Academy and advance the education of the pupils. 
  • Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents, the local community and others associated with the Academy. 

The P.T.F.A. operates as a partnership within the policies of the Board of Directors, the ethos of a Church school and the procedures and operational practises of Ilsham C of E Academy. The school values the support of parents and friends and the partnership afforded through the PTFA. The following guidelines have been established to: + support the smooth running and effectiveness of the P.T.F.A

  • strengthen relationships 
  • provide clarity of roles and responsibilities 
  • ensure good lines of communication between parents and academy.


The committee is a team of volunteers who are elected at the PTFA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to manage the PTFA on behalf of the members.

There are two types of committee member:    Officers and Ordinary Committee Members.

Officers will include the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Ordinary Committee Members work alongside the Officers and play a vital role.

All committee members have equal voting rights, except for the chair of a committee meeting who has a casting vote.

The committee at Ilsham will consist of the officers (4) and committee members (2) including the Headteacher (President) (= 6). The committee will be quorate with 3 members including the Academy Head or her representative.

PTFA Meetings and Communication

Committee Planning Meetings

Committee planning meetings may be held in the first week of every term.

Dates set for events planned during the academic year in September.

Agenda set for General PTFA meetings

Vote on matters of expenditure etc.

General Meetings

General Meetings, to which all members are invited, will be held 3-4 weeks into the new term. The AGM will be held in the Autumn term.

Working party summary re support needed for planned events

The AGM will take place in the Autumn term. At this meeting the following will occur:

  • Adopt constitution 
  • Elect committee members and officers 
  • Identify working parties roles and responsibilities to develop planned events throughout the year. 
  • Share the workload 
  • Publish Audit of finances 

Working party meetings may take place at other times during the school year to plan implement the details of school/fundraising events etc.

Other forms of communication

The personal face to face method is always preferable and reduces the incidents of misunderstandings. It is advisable that informal meetings i.e. popping into the school office take place on a regular basis e.g. as frequently as necessary or every two weeks to touch base, updates, queries etc.

Emails are a useful tool to remind members of forthcoming events, requests for support, to give out notices and other forms of information etc.

Teacher2Parent texting service, School newsletter or termly PTFA newsletter.

There is a PTFA section in the school website. This can be updated annually outlining all forthcoming events.

Notice boards in the school playground

Class PTFA reps- the personal touch

In response to parental requests, published materials e.g. letters sent home, need to be kept to a minimum. The school therefore avoids sending out slips of paper containing information that apply to all children, as these can be published through the monthly newsletter. Any information to be sent home can be planned for inclusion in the monthly newsletter.The school is also open to the suggestion of a termly PTFA newsletter if this is preferable. It should be noted that all published materials from the school need to follow specific criteria and guidelines. The school office can advise on this. Please liaise with the office re the above or if planning to produce a poster.

Other useful information

The Academy would wish to support working parties to achieve their goals and are happy to provide advice and support at any stage of the planned actions. To this end the following Academy policies and procedures are listed:

  • All activities need to be sensitive to promoting Christian aims and values and activities that may be in conflict to a church school ethos should be avoided e.g. Halloween, fortune telling, tarot reading, witches etc. 
  • All activities and dates need to be planned annually, in September for the full academic year and in consultation with the school office. It is important that all events are planned in the context of the Academy’s full range of annual commitments. This will occur at the initial planning committee meeting. 
  • The Board of Directors have agreed that all Acdemy activities are to be organised during the school week. The exception of this would be church services. 
  • The office are happy to support and advise all working parties and it would welcome contact being made with the Academy in the early stages of planning any events. 

‘The benefit of experience’

The Academy and parents would welcome any further suggestions that would be helpful to add to this list that might assist others involved in the future.

Planned events

 The Academy welcomes support from the PTFA for the annual and other events such as.

Autumn Term

  • Class Acts of Worship- Provide tea and coffee/ social/PR/revenue 
  • Christmas card 
  • Christmas Parties- Provide prizes /Christmas pantomime or disco- funding 
  • Mince pies/PR saying thank you to shop keepers-PR 
  • Christmas fair Revenue 

Spring Term

  • Class Acts of Worship- Provide tea and coffee/ revenue social/PR/revenue 
  • Easter Tea + Quiz night (social and revenue) 
  • Disco or at Christmas- funding/booking disco/ tidying up hall 

Summer Term

  • Class Acts of Worship- Provide tea and coffee/ revenue social/PR/revenue + Induction meeting for new Reception Parents- tea and coffee/ welcome speech-PR 
  • Sports Day- Refreshments/ water for children-Revenue 
  • Summer Fair + Leavers Party (Funding) 
  • Leavers bibles (funding) 
  • Second hand/ lost property uniform sales 

 Chair of the PTFA     Mrs E Bone (Academy Head) Nov 2012