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The Willows

The Willows

Mrs Smith
The Acorns Team
Key Stage: 

Class Work

Class Body
Prayer Area The Willows Children from the Willows like to use our outdoor prayer area to sit quietly and enjoy some reflection time.
Family groups The Willows Each week the Willows join other children from every class in our Ilsham family for Family Group activities. They enjoy taking part in team games and challenges.
VE Day Celebrations The Willows The Willows embraced our VE Day celebrations with enthusiasm and enjoyed dancing to 1940s music and playing games from that era iwith their friends. They wore some amazing outfits.
The giant magic bean maths challenge ! The Willows The Willows have loved using the giant magic beans in Maths this week and been amazing Solvasaurus Rex's.
The terrifying giant at the top of our beanstalk The Willows The Willows created their own enormous beanstalk and scary giant and this experience helped them to think of  some amazing descriptive power words when they wrote their own scary beanstalk sto