A flavour of life at Ilsham C of E Academy



Here at Ilsham Academy, as well as high aspirations for all, we are concerned with the moral, academic, social and spiritual education of our children. We are committed to the development of happy, respectful relationships. We endeavour to make our school operate as a large family. The children are encouraged to have a close and friendly association with all adults on the staff which work with them, and who keep a close watch on matters of welfare. The children are taught to accept that they work in a social environment in which the emphasis is placed upon living and working together, with caring and sharing attitudes.

Education is best achieved by means of a partnership between parent, child and school. It is with your help and co-operation that this full potential can be met. We want Ilsham Academy to be an environment where all can feel happy and confident to contribute and aspire to achieving high educational standards. Only in such an ethos can a child take their place and produce his/her best.
We are extremely keen to strengthen relationships and parental partnership in the life of the school.

If you would like any further information or would like to ask about anything to do with the school, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be delighted to talk to you and show you around our school.
I would really like to share with you some of the major changes and improvements that are taking place in our school and show you first hand, happy children, eagerly learning.

Parent Teacher and Friend Association (PTFAs) are one of those groups you join without realising it. Once your child starts – you and your family and friends are part of the PTFA. In an ideal world, all schools would have bottomless pockets for equipment and facilities. Sadly, this is not yet the case and so much of the P.T.F.A. s efforts are directed towards fund-raising. Events are organised by a committee of volunteers. Each term we try to have one or two major occasions, plus some smaller events for the children. Sometimes these are to raise money to enable the school to buy ‘extras’ and sometimes they are of a purely social nature.