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Outstanding Phonics Results

Outstanding Phonics Results

The Department for Education sends congratulations to ​the​ Learning Academy Partnership academies on being among the best in the country!

Each Academy within the Learning Academy Partnership has received a letter from Nick Gibb, MP on behalf of the Department for Education congratulating them on being in the top 8% of all schools nationally.

Within the letter Mr Gibb outlines that these outstanding results ‘provide a firm foundation in reading from which (the children) they can develop further and become increasingly fluent readers…helping them to develop a lifelong love of reading’.

Our Academies: All Saints, Marsh (Newton Abbot), Ellacombe, Ilsham and Warberry all received this recognition and are jumping for joy!

These outstanding outcomes are as a result of our consistent and passionate approach to teaching our children to read. Two of our Academies are RWInc Model Schools and regularly invite visiting schools to come and share in the work that we do. Every child reading by 6 is our mantra. Such high achievement is born out of the way that we work as collective to ensure outstanding outcomes for all of our children across our Trust.